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Traditional Food of Kerala you shouldn’t miss! Blog 15th June, 2020 Blog

God’s Own Country seems to live up to its name as it takes to you a mindboggling gastronomical journey of delicious food items that are so tasty and rich that they appear to come right out of‘God’s Kitchen’. Here we are talking about Kerala, a place where you will find numerous lip-smacking delicacies prepared from seafood that include crabs, king prawns, tiger prawns,oysters, tuna, red lobsters and so on. Walking on the streets of Kerala will leave you salivating,as the dishes that are prepared are simply delicious with a capital ‘D’. The traditional food of Kerala does not only includes fish, but you also have chicken, mutton and other vegetarian meals. The thrilling variety will leave you asking for some more!

So, let’s check out the Traditional Kerala dishes, that you surely shouldn’t give a miss at any cost.

Spicy Chicken Fry/ Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu

Chicken fry is the most delicious of all other meals and one of the top Traditional Kerala dishes. It’s a favorite meal of 99% of the population in Malaysia. The food is simply out of the world and if you love fries, then don’t give this one a miss. Serve this kind of chicken on a banana leaf after it’s fried with garlic, onion, chilli, coriander and vinegar. The fiery taste of this item will surely leave the foodies craving for ‘some more of it’.

Kerala Prawn

Don’t miss out on the prawn, if you wish to try out Traditional food of Kerala. The dish is made out of simple components, but the taste is extraordinary for sure. Sprinkled with chilli, pepper, salt and dipped in coconut milk and jaggery, the dish is finally finished with the input of curry leaves. The mix of coconut in the dish takes the meal a few notches higher and the taste reaches a new level.

Kerala Style Prawn Molee

If you are thinking about the traditional food of Kerala, then fish should be on your mind. This Kerala cuisine has something special to offer. The prawn is lightly fried like a stew in earthen pots and the taste is simply amazing. It’s made in coconut milk, kokum with spices like pepper, turmeric, cloves and cinnamon along with green chillies to add to the tangy taste. However, the meal will surely give you taste buds a thrill that’s pleasant and memorable too!

Gajar ka halwa with ice cream

If you have a sweet tooth, then don’t miss out on gajar ka halwa at all. It’s a delight that’s to be saved for the winters and since the winters are knocking at your door, this dish is a real miss. Carrots are grated and then nuts, milk, sugar and jaggery (sometimes) is added to make it taste yummy. To add to the extra twist to the traditional halwa, ice cream is served at some restaurants. Can anything really get better than that! Surely, it’s worth a try!

Tandoori Chicken

Who says Kerala dishes are just fish and curry! Try out the tandoori chicken of Kerala and you will love the new flavor of chicken with South Indian twist. Skinless chicken legs are first marinated with a mix of lime, yoghurt and spices. Then, it’s grilled and then comes the lovely tandoori chicken dish that tastes simply awesome.

Kanthari Crab

You might have tried crabs, but this one is surely special. Totally an amazing seafood dish, the crab is a must-have if you wish to try Kerala food sometime. The coconut milk is infused with chillies to make the crab a delicious meal, even for the non-fish lovers. The awful sting vanishes and what remains is the crab that melts in the mouth and makes you taste buds beam with delight.

Amma’s Mutton Curry

mutton? Then, you need to try out the traditional mutton curry of Kerala that’s passed down for centuries. If you think it’s different it’s not, but if you think it’s the same, well still it’s not. This meal is unique and amazing, thanks to the secret recipes that are being used for centuries by the royal families of Kerala. How it came down here is still a wonder, but this mutton curry will taste different, lip-smacking and will leave you tempting to order another plate.

Are you planning to eat out and taste the traditional foods and dishes of Kerala? Then, come to Gajaa at 8 and get served like a king! The royalty of Kerala is in its food and if you are missing them out, then clearly you are not a foodie!