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Have you watched these 10 underrated Indian movies? 15th June, 2020 Blog

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When it comes to Indian films, we usually tend to think about impromptu dancing, intense masaledar dialogue, or over-the-top action sequences. But as the list of movies below will prove, there are many hidden gems in this industry, which we Malaysians don’t often we get to see on the silver screen at Brickfields or Pavillion.

The theatres are closed for a while anyway so we’re back to watching on our laptops now. So whether you’re planning a movie marathon with your buddies or family over the weekend, or just want to personally get back to your cultural roots...

Here are 10 less-talked-about but wonderful films from the motherland that are bound to refresh & impress even the most seasoned of cinema buffs! You can easily download them online & watch with English or Tamil subs from YIFY.

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Happy watching :)

Quick Take

The 10 most underrated but worth-your-watch films from India are:

  1. Tumbbad
  2. The Lunchbox
  3. Kakka Muttai (The Crow’s Egg)
  4. A Wednesday
  5. Killa (The Fort)
  6. Madras
  7. Stanley Ka Dabba
  8. Ugly
  9. Hotel Salvation
  10. English Vinglish

1. Tumbbad [2018]

The Indian horror is haunted by cliched jump scare tactics, overtly sexualized plots, and horrible makeup that prompts more laughs than shocks. But Tumbbad is certainly a rule-breaker in this regard, and a much needed one, too. 

In this low-budget thriller, we take a trip to one of the most drenched villages in the state of Maharashtra, where a father-son duo are engaged in a quest to literally dig out fortunes from a mysterious well. 

Watch their story unfold for a good dose of mystery, mythology, and Indian folklore. Here’s the trailer.

2. The Lunchbox [2013] 

Om Shanti Om. DDLJ. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. These are all romance classics in their own right. But The Lunchbox, starring the late legend Irffan Khan, is in a league of its own. 

Get to taste all sorts of flavours - sweet & sour - in this wholesome love story that touches upon our love for food, belonging, friendship, and everything in between. Here’s the trailer

3. Kakka Muttai [2014]

Make sure you have a few tissues ready before you start this Tamil heartbreaker. Through a moving tale about 2 brothers from a slum yearning for a slice of pizza, the director explores themes on poverty, childhood, & dreams in the rural landscape of South India. 

Watch the trailer here

4. A Wednesday [2008]

Don’t let the simple name fool you - because you’ll be thinking about the twist in this thriller for the rest of the week! 

Starring the veteran actor Nasserudhin Shah, this film is a masterpiece in mystery storytelling & will keep you glued to your seat for all of its runtime. We’d say more but we don’t want to spoil it. Just check out the trailer here.

5. Killa (The Fort) [2014]

Just like Kakka Muttai, which we saw earlier in the list, Killa invites us to take a trip down the memory lane & relook at the world as kids. A classic coming-of-age story, this film will drench you in a melange of emotions, from the sweet brushes of friendship & homeliness, to painful jabs of loneliness and betrayal. 

It’s probably the shortest entry in our collection so you can watch the whole thing on a train ride too! Check out the trailer here

6. Madras [2014]

This Tamil story portrays middle class life in South India beautifully. The characters are relatable & the story has immense power in moving the hearts of its audiences. 

Watch the trailer here

7. Stanley Ka Dabba [2011]

This cute & heartwarming story will take you right back to your childhood school days. A gorgeously shot film, that too, on a modest budget, Stanley’s Tiffin touches upon sensitive topics & social messages in a masterfully light-hearted way. 

Check out the unofficial trailer here

8. Ugly [2013]

Are you a Hitchkock fan? Do you like watching thrillers & dark psychological stories? Then you’re going to love Ugly, which is one of the best films to come out of Indian cinema, a tour de force by the revered Anurag Kashyap. 

It explores the less wonderful side of human nature, hence the name, and you’ll be sucked right into the story from the word, “Go!” Watch the trailer here

9. Hotel Salvation [2016]

Indians are very close to their parents but the stress & pace of modern life has axed a gap between two generations. Hotel Salvation tries to bridge this gap by exploring the nuances of growing old in a very delicate & respectable fashion - it’s worth a watch to understand both sides of the story. 

Watch the trailer here

10. English Vinglish [2012]

You’ve probably seen the late veteran actress Sridevi’s work as she played versatile characters in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and English films. One of her most adored pieces, however, is ‘English Vinglish,’ in which she plays the role of a mom struggling to speak the new world language & gain respect in her family. 

This is a heartwarming tale about identity, culture, and above all, the appreciation for a woman’s relentless spirit that speaks more than any language ever could. Watch the trailer here

Plan your party with us! 

So those were some underrated movies from the mainland that all Malaysians are bound to enjoy - either as a deep dive into Indian heritage or a glimpse of the changing nation. Before you sit down to start your binge session, don’t forget to stock up on some comfort food from your favourite place for gourmet Indian cuisine, nestled in the heart of Bangsar. Order our hot & spicy treats on WhatsApp or Beepit! 

Thanks for reading. We’ll be back with more exciting posts next week!