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Gajaa at 8 - The perfect place for ordering your favorite Indian food in KL 15th June, 2020 Blog

Author Name: Demo

Today, in this blog, read how Gajaa at 8 is the best restaurant for ordering authentic south Indian food in KL.

It has the perfect menu for south Indian families.

Often, it’s difficult to find the perfect south Indian restaurant in KL, isn’t it? Our families are accustomed to the authentic taste of fish and coconut oil while preparing our lovely dishes, even the Masala Dosa and Kappa.

Therefore, Gajaa at 8 is the finest choice for us who prefer South Indian food items over anything else in KL.

The food prepared here is marvelous with taste sticking to the tongue for a long time.

The food prepared at this restaurant is quite marvelous because the Chefs are also south Indians. Or else, they have enough training to cook South Indian food the same way it’s cooked in Kerala. They know the exact way how spices are roasted and mixed in any authentic south Indian dish.

That is why every south Indian dish you eat from this restaurant will leave a memorable taste on your tongue. You will want to repeat your family visits to this restaurant just because of the rich spices and the aromatic flavors.


The dessert menu is worth a try.

Desserts like Elaneer Pudding, Gulab Jamun, or Kulfi is something not easily found in KL in the most authentic way. However, at Gajaa at 8, you will like you are back in India. The taste is not lost here. Every dessert you order here is yummy and mouth-watering.

Each bite of Gulab Jamun or Elaneer Pudding would transport you back to Kerala within seconds. And don’t we all want that, especially when we are missing our homemade delicacies back in Kerala?

The spices are authentically imported from India.

There is a reason why every spice used in this restaurant is marvelous and unforgettable. That’s because this restaurant orders its spices directly from India. The chefs working here give importance to Indian culture. That is why they always keep their south Indian customers happy and satisfied.

So, the aroma and taste of India you get from the dishes you eat here is actually authentic and straight from the Indian soil.

Each meat and dairy item is fresh as new here.

Are you craving some Indian meat or dairy products? Then, visiting Gajaa at 8 should be your first choice. The meat and dairy products here fresh each day. The chef here maintains the quality of each Indian meat and dairy product. You won’t feel like eating Malaysian food anymore when you taste the meat and dairy items served here.