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Foodie Horoscopes for 2021: What will your year taste like? 15th June, 2020 Blog

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Nobody could’ve predicted the mess that 2020 has turned out to be. But we’re certainly praying that the universe will pay us back for all the trouble with a sweeter follow-up round. 

On that note, we’ve consulted mystics from far, far away and put together some interesting predictions on what exciting stuff the stars might serve you next, based on your Sun Signs. 

Since we’re in the restaurant, it only makes sense for us to sprinkle those predictions with our own touch of foodiness - so expect to be drooling by the end.  

Before we dive in, do note that like any other astrology report, do take ours’ should be taken with a pinch of salt (pun intended) - it’s all for just for laughs. 

In any case, we do hope you are blessed with the right company and plenty of internal power to enjoy whatever’s put on the table. The Gajaa at 8 Team wishes you a delish New Year ahead! 

1. Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20) & Scorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 22) :: Fiery like Rassam

Both Aries & Scorpios have fiery personalities. And it looks like the upcoming year will be matching that fire by keeping you guys on your toes throughout. Get ready for sudden changes & moves in your work life, as well as unexpected events and encounters in your personal sphere. 

It’s going to be a time that demands quick thinking and flexibility on your end. Don’t worry, though: speed & change aren’t bad things all the time- you’ll be well-rewarded for going with your gut. 

Like a bowl of spicy rassam, the strong & sharp taste in the initial months will give way to a warming and comforting second half - that’s when you’ll get to slow down a little. 

TIP: So for now, our yogis recommend you to sip up everything - bitter and sweet alike! Let the fast pace of the year detox all areas of your life, so that you’re only left with what’s good for your growth. God bless!  

2. Taurus (Apr 21 – May 21) & Capricorn (Dec 23 – Jan 20) :: Light like Appams

For the strong-headed bulls & centaurs, things are looking cozy & simple in 2021. There’s no big thrills or drama ahead, and that should make the Earth-signs quite happy. Because it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy your time- in fact, this year will teach you to see the beauty in cherishing little moments with your loved ones.

Like airy & crispy appams, best enjoyed plain on their own, 2021 will be all about finding joy in simple pleasures - like cooking your favourite foods, spending more time on your hobbies, and reconnecting with old friends.

TIP: So if there’s one advice we’d offer: just sit back, relax, and let things unravel at their own doozy pace. It might just be the best thing you do in this phase of your life! 

3. Gemini (May 22 – Jun 21) & Sagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 22) :: Explore some funky dishes



Durian ice cream. Boba tea cake. And chicken masala thosai.

As whacky as those dishes are, you two signs should expect something exactly like them up ahead. This year is all about giving y’all taste of the unexplored - and it suits your outgoing, adventurous personalities, tbh!  

You’ll get plenty of opportunities to visit new places (lotsa travel is in the stars), try new roles & skills at work, and meet new personalities that might just end up changing yours entire worldview! Don’t worry about all the newness, though, just learn to embrace it! 

TIP: We promise that while not all exotic flavours might please your taste buds, they’ll certainly make you more versatile for all the crazy adventures in the coming decade! 

4. Cancer (Jun 22 – Jul 22) & Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 19) :: Biryani Feast 



The cosmic crustaceans and their aquarian counterparts are both very emotional, although they rarely show their feelings. Well, this year, you will get a chance to express your emotions to your loved ones - and one might say, destiny will almost force you to do it! 

Like a Biryani feast that only tastes good when shared with a group, your year will offer many chances to help others, friends and strangers alike. They might come to you for advice because of your past experiences or education; or it might just be as simple as lending an ear to someone in distress. 

Either way, you’ll have a good time gaining good blessings from every soul you help. And if it makes your heart feel good, it’s definitely worth it! 

TIP: All that kindness and karma will multiply and come back to you over the next decade, so open your arms wide and don’t be afraid to use your generosity. 

5. Virgos (Aug 22 – Sep 23) & Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 24) :: Learn to Cook new cuisines

Virgos are known for their intuition and natural flair. Most turn out to be creatives, cooks, and performers. Although inborn talent is great, we all need a good lesson to grow from time to time. 

This year will provide you with some time for just that- good ol’ education. Maybe you’ll have a desire to go back to school, or your company will offer to send you on a training course. Or you might just end up meeting a coach who inspires you to learn a new sport/instrument.

The main theme is that you should use 2021 to become better by focusing on self-improvement above all else. What you invest in yourself now, will bear fruit for your career later.

TIP: So lift up that apron, open up the book, and get ready to master some new dishes! 

6. Leo (Jun 23 – Aug 21): Royal like Gulab Jamuns



Nobody rules like a Lion (hence no pairing here) - Leos know just how to own a party & celebrate in grand fashion. And this year will fuel your desire to spend with surprise increases in income from many different sources. 

Like a bucket of royal, sinful Gulab Jamuns, your investments will bear fruit, new partnerships will emerge, and you may even get a raise at work (or better yet, a big offer from a new place). In all cases, your wealth will see a good windfall. 

TIP: But do proceed with caution. If you don’t plan out your finances and invest them back wisely, you might just end up broke in 2022: something no Leo wants to see. So celebrate responsibly and before you do, stash up for winter first! 

7. Pisces (Feb 20 – Mar 20): Messy Scrambled Egg



You know when you try making a nice omelette but it doesn’t plan out so you just scramble it all up - and it still turns out to be just as yummy?

Yeah, your 2021 will follow the same route, more or less. For the constantly moving fish, 2021 will change up fixed strategies and challenge bolted opinions. You might even be nudged to re-invent your entire personality. 

Don’t let these discomforts stop you from living life, though, because it might just be time to give your routine a new twist. So take every rejection or obstacle as an opportunity to try things you weren’t so sure of earlier. 

TIP: We think you’ll like your new style even better- even though it might not meet your definition of perfect… 


So that was the list of predictions for the Sun signs moving into 2021. You think we’re bang on (or very close) for your case? Only time in will really tell, but let us know what you thought of those flavourful horoscopes on social media. 

We’d love to exchange some tarot cards while we’re at it (and if you’re really lucky, we might slip in some gift vouchers, wink wink)! So see you on Instagram soon! And lastly, of course, hope you have a blast of a year ahead!