Indian Desserts to try at Authentic Indian Restaurant in Bangsar

The successful completion of something marks the celebration and it simplifies the process of reaping the ends. The celebration can be managed to be done in multiple ways. Happiness brings contentment and the best possible way is to binge on feast with trying out hands at traditional innovatively prepared India desserts. There is no better way to celebrate other than mithai. The taste of meals cannot be left incomplete and the sweetness brings the completion of having fine meals. Indian desserts are a pretty fine option. Dessert options must be something different and should be unique in its taste. Authentic Indian food is all around Malaysia and people will love to try Indian dessert recipes at an authentic Indian restaurant in Bangsar.

Diverse Indian food options are found in every corner of global map. The fondness and sweetest bites of Indian dessert recipes are enabling people to cap off for next feast on Indian sweets. The spread of Indian food items is even found in all around Malaysia and Indian desserts are popular among fellow foodies.

Search for original taste of Indian dessert options

The magic is to be found in the rich and authentic preparations of Indian desserts. Indian desserts can fill the cravings of people of Malaysia in a delightful manner. In Malaysia, people like to fill the cravings of sweet bites and cannot leave the option of tasting some desserts at the end of the meal. So, it is paid attention. Who can resist pampering themselves with some dessert recipes? Fortunately,it is not a tough challenge for people in Malaysia because as far as dessert options are found, people have much to choose from varied options of authentic preparations of Indian dessert recipes.

Festive made sweets are hitting Malaysian streets now but not to wait for any special occasions. It is to just pop out over some fine dining places to have tastiest Indian dessert recipes at authentic Indian restaurant in Bangsar. Here, people love to find the possibility of trying out the specially opted Indian sweet cravings. It is spotted that table after table are filled with dinners sharing the same happy glow of contentment which is true indication of good meal followed by platters of Indian sweet delights.

In Bangsar, people like to follow some of the major Indian dessert recipes which are prepared with great efforts and the blend of rich ingredients. The popularity of traditional taste of Indian sweets are still the same in authentic Indian restaurant in Bangsar. Let’s find the possibilities of finding the fondness of people dining in authentic Indian restaurant in Bangsar and the most traded sweet options.

Popular Indian Dessert Options

The listed items of Indian dessert recipes are cited below.


The traditional Indian ice-cream is one of the most popular dessert options. The additional proportion of fresh milk, pistachios and less addition of sugar just makes it a complete Indian dessert. The crunch of pistachio chips will bring the amazing effects inside the mouth of sweet lovers.

Gulab Jamun

It is one of the traditionally followed sweet items. The name itself spells the ultimate taste and flavours. These are spongy milky balls soaked in rose syrup and are served at room temperature. Every Indian meal is completed by having few delicious pieces of the said dessert. The addition of rich ingredient namely khoya can alter the sensation on taste buds. If anyone wants to have heady sensation, can pick up the choice of doing it up with few scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Gajar ka Halwa with ice-cream

This sweet Indian dessert recipe is made out of grated carrot, chopped nuts. The addition of spoonful of ghee, milk cream, rose water and aromatic flavored cardamom can essentially bring this Indian dessert as a popular one and tastes better if it is served hot and oven fresh. The addition of ice-cream adds the taste to it.

Sweet Appam

It is one of the favorites when it comes to South-Indian desserts. The jaggery based sweet is loved by people dining in restaurants in Bangsar. The ingredients which are used to prepare this sweet recipe are essentially coconut, rice flour, jaggery, cardamom powder, wheat flour.It is fried in oil and ghee and flattened pieces of it are absorbed in jaggery syrup.

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